Green Tea Benefits – Drink for a More Beautiful You

Green Tea Benefits – Drink for a More Beautiful You

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Look better, feel better, drink green tea. Green tea unlike black tea and other teas contain a higher level of polyphenols, catechins, falvonoids, phytochemicals, and flavonols. These natural ingredients found in green tea are the “magic bullets” that work on the body and can lower the risk of some diseases. Many studies have observed the multiple benefits of green tea. Although there is still a growing debate over the benefits of green tea, the emerging studies point towards the advantages of drinking green tea. There should be no problem about drinking this soothing brew. Drink three cups a day towards a healthier, good-looking you.

Tea drinking, especially green tea, can arm ourselves against the march of times. As our bodies age, we become susceptible to more ailments. But if our bodies have been strengthened over time by the care we give it, and the amount of herbal green tea we have imbibed, surely, we can expect better health in later life. We have the benefit of decreased risk of getting heart disease and cancer. Newer studies are concluding that green tea if taken regularly can reduce the dangers of having breast, colon, esophagus, and prostrate cancer,

But that there is more to green tea than lowering our risks of deadly diseases. Green tea can help soothe our skin. Here is how. If you happen to get a nick on your skin, soak a clean ball with leftover green tea. Pad the green tea soaked over the small wound. Green tea reduces skin swelling and itching too. The antiseptic properties of green tea have been recognized centuries ago in ancient Asian kingdoms. It is used to treat stomach ailments, headaches, and other minor ailments. The extract of the green tea leaves where added to fortify a drink or directly applied to the affected area.

Asian women fight facial lines brought about by old age by using specially formulated creams with green tea. Anti-wrinkle creams contain the potent antioxidant properties of green tea leaves. The antioxidants in the cosmetic creams retard the effects of free radicals on the skin. Free radicals are the persistent molecules produced by the body when it undergoes stress, pollution, and overexposure to sunlight. When free radicals duplicates freely, the body show signs of aging, even if one is relatively young.

Supplementing your diet with the powerful compounds from green tea will slow down the physical aging process, but wait; there is still another reason why we should drink green tea. If we think we are getting absent-minded green tea can help our brains stay young. Yes, you read it right. Those who drink at least two cups a day of the green tea brew are half as likely to exhibit cognitive problems compared to those who never drink green tea. The powerful dose of antioxidants fights the free radicals damage to memory nerves.

What’s more, green tea can help the personal crusade against obesity. The natural ingredients speed up the fat burning process. You will indeed feel better, look better, and fit into a medium sized dress.

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