Buying Green Tea

Buying Green Tea

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To get the full green tea benefits you need to purchase a good quality tea. Don’t rush off to your local supermarket or health food store. You’ll only get low quality, commerical green tea’s there. You need to use a specalist tea retalier or online store.

Most towns now have a tea shop but if you don’t internet stores offer a great alternative. They get their tea direct from the growers in China and Japan and often have much fresher tea than the chain stores. Its important that the tea is packaged soon after it has been picked and doesnt sit on the shelf for too long before it is sold. You also want a tea that has been grown in a clean, natural, pollution free environment.

Beginners are sometimes a bit bewildered by the range of green tea’s available, don’t worry! You’ll experience the amazing health benefits from green tea from any reasonably priced, quality green tea. The more you spend the higher the level of antioxidants and the nicer the taste.

Choosing a green tea

If you are a beginner consider trying a Jasmine green tea or maybe an organic Sencha green tea. They are both very reasonably priced and provide good health benefits.

Generation Tea

We are proud to recommend ‘Generation Tea’ to our readers. We’ve had some great feedback about the quality of the tea’s provided by Generation Tea as well as their superior service. They stock of a range of different green tea’s as well as the fantastic Pu-erh tea. Click here to visit the Generation Tea website and find out more.

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